Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the first official post

so this looks like it is the very first post for the shanghai bike polo blogspot! i've taken it upon myself to try and start a bike polo league here in shanghai, china. as far as i know there are NO bike polo leagues that exist in china . . could this be the first? quite possibly.

this is something that i have wanted to start since i arrived here, but either never had the time to put any effort into it or never thought i would meet anybody that would like to play . . well i was wrong : i have met many many people, both local and foreign alike, that have shown a great interest in playing.

i'm going to use this blog as a starting point to gain interest for the game, post information about playing, how to equip yourself properly to play, and anything else bike polo related. i see this page as something that will slowly develop into a spot where all local bike polo players in shanghai can post their ideas and thoughts about the game, and how to establish a solid league of players.

who knows, maybe within a few months i may even have enough people to form half a dozen teams, have a set schedule for a season, and have this bike polo league up and running!

so here's to wishful thinking . . what is the point to life if not in pursuit of a dream :)



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  1. yo you snakes any of those construction cones yet? ed_toxic