Tuesday, April 7, 2009

what do you need to play?

this is probably the second question i get asked when telling people about bike polo here in china. the answer is simple really : a bike, a mallet, and a ball.

well, maybe it's not THAT simple, but i like to think it is :) here is a run-down of what you will need if you want to play! :

- (taken from wikipedia) Hardcourt Bike Polo players make handmade mallets in the spirit of the do it yourself ethic. Typical mallets are constructed using high density gas pipe or abs piping for the head and a ski pole or golf club for the shaft. However, mallets are by no means standardized; mallet heads may come in the form of pvc and aluminum cans and mallet shafts may be constructed from materials as diverse as wooden dowels, bamboo, and even crutches! (that's right, bamboo . . shouldn't have a problem getting that now should we!)

- The most commonly used ball is a plastic street hockey / road ball.

- Players commonly play on courts such as a tennis courts or street hockey rinks. These are often customized using boards or nets to keep the ball from rolling out of the court or getting stuck in corners. - it's looking like this is going to be the biggest challenge . . but i'm up for it - i WILL find a place that we can play :)

so other than that you really don't need much! of course, safety equipment is suggested, but not necessary. any help on where to find used ski poles would be GREAT - just shoot me an e-mail.

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